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Åland Islands WiFi HotSpot

Get WiFi in Åland Islands.
$9.99 /Day

Get unlimited Global WiFi in Åland Islands for only $9.99/Day. Whether you are a business traveler, tourist on vacation or visiting family, our ROAMING MAN Global WiFi HotSpot device helps you keep connected while travelling the world.


Located in Europe and as an autonomous region of Finland, Åland Islands offers WiFi service at the following tourist spots and destinations: Kastelholm Castle, Åland Maritime Museum, Pommern, Open-air Museum Jan Karlsgården, Kobba Klintar, Åland Hunting and Fishing Museum, Sjökvarteret, Vita Björn Prison.


Traveling soon? Rent your personal ROAMING MAN Global portable WiFi HotSpot device today so that you can enjoy keeping in touch with your business colleagues, friends and family while abroad.  

No roaming fees and no contract! Only $9.99/day for rental!

How the ROAMING MAN Global WiFi HotSpot device works: 

1) Make sure the device is fully charged;

2) Power on;,

3) Identify ROAMING MAN HotSpot network on your mobile device;

4) Enter password;

5) Enjoy unlimited* WiFi wherever you go.

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