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Mission and Vision

ROAMING MAN's mission is to provide global travelers with freedom, convenience and enhanced productivity.


ROAMING MAN is a 4G mobile internet service provider and telecommunications company. ROAMING MAN US is a division of uCloudlink Network Technology Ltd., a global pioneer in Cloud SIM technology. We offer travelers a simple and affordable Wi-Fi hotspot they can use worldwide. Established in 2009, the company is based in Hong Kong with offices in China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India and Russia.  The business was developed through a shared strong belief that there is a need for an low cost global data solution that is accessible to everyone.  

ROAMING MAN is the world’s first 4G worldwide and free roaming Wi-Fi hotspot device for the travel and mobile internet industry. ROAMING MAN's cutting-edge technology offers a number of travel solutions, including:

- availability in over 130+ countries - hassle free travelling (eliminating the use of SIM cards) - stability (global coverage and global mobile internet access for everyone) - security (Wi-Fi privacy) - unlimited data plans - affordability (travelling globally, paying locally) - style (modern design) - ease of use (plug and play interactive screen) - power bank (mobile phone battery pack)

Our established business partners consist of:

- travel agencies and industry insiders - online travel companies and OTAs - international corporations - airlines - distributors - retailers - technology companies and startups

Interested in becoming a partner or an affiliate of ROAMING MAN? 

Please email our business development team at or call 877-402-ROAMING Mon-Fri, 9am - 6pm

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