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ROAMING MAN has developed several partnership models to suit your specific business needs. Our established business partners consist of: travel agencies and management companies, online travel companies and OTAs, international corporations, airlines, car rental companies, distributors, retailers, technology companies and startups.

1. Monthly Contracts

Great for corporations, travel agencies, management companies, distributors, retailers and car rental companies. 

- Let us know how many devices you would like to keep on hand

- Distribute fully activated and ready to go. 

- Your employees, partners, customers or clients can use our devices whenever they travel without any added hassles.

2. Daily Contracts

Great for companies that do not want to keep devices on hand.

- Contact us directly or sign in to our Online Management System (OMS) when you want us to ship out devices to your employees, customers or clients and let us do all of the heavy lifting.

3. Affiliate Program

If you have your own online business and website, you can be an affiliate and earn extra revenue. List our products on your website and when you have orders, we will handle everything seamlessly. You just need to promote our services and use your own unique affiliate link.

4. OEM

If you would like run your own WiFi service brand, we can provide you with our devices and technical support.

5. Other Partnership

Interested in becoming a partner or an affiliate of ROAMING MAN? 

Please email our business development team at or call 877-402-ROAMING Mon-Fri, 9am - 6pm

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