ROAMING MAN Affiliate Program

For Travel Agencies, Companies, OTAs and Publishers


Why join the ROAMING MAN Affiliate Program?

If you are a travel agency, company, OTA or publisher and you would like to work with us, you have the option of becoming an affiliate or a business partner. Click here for more information about business partnership and cooperation.

How to join the ROAMING MAN Affiliate Program?

Step 1. Click here to sign up for our co-branded ShareASale page to generate your personal affiliate link.

Step 2. Share your affiliate link for at least 10% commission on each referred purchase. 

Step 3. Start earning commissions on ROAMING MAN Global WiFi Rental Service by spreading our brand name with your affiliate link!

Step 4. Review the traffic and orders you generate in your ShareASale affiliate account. 

Step 5. Collect automatic monthly payments via ShareASale!

Join our affiliate program today and start earning immediately!

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