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Europe Premium WiFi Hotspot

Travel to Europe? Get Unlimited data with 1GB 4G high speed every day! Covers 48 European Countries plus Canada, United states and Mexico.
$9.99 /Day
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Europe Permium 4G WiFi hotspot Coverage

Europe Premium Package covers 48 countries including Sweden, Finland, Romania, Luxembourg, Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Ireland, Belgium, Norway, Poland, Denmark, Albania, Slovenia, Vatican, Italy, Malta, Turkey, United Kingdom, Greece, Croatia, Monaco, Portugal, Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Liechtenstein, Iceland, Russia, France, Austria, Hungary, San Marino, Cyprus, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, ALand Islands, Serbia, Macedonia, Republic of Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Guernsey, Jersey Island, Isle of Man, Gibraltar, Andorra.

Plus covers Canada, United states and Mexico.

How to rent a roaming man WiFi?

Place an order before your trip! We will deliver it to your shipping address(US domestic only).

Enjoy surfing the Internet while you are abroad.

Always free returns while you travel back.

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Package Feature:

-Daily 1GB of 4G high speed, then throttle down to 3G(384 kbps) speed with unlimited data

-Flat rate $9.99/day

-1 Wifi hotspot connected up to 5 devices

-Wifi activation time follows Eastern standard time

-Battery life up to 12 hours

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