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Please  give us a call or live chat if the above troubleshooting fails.  

Troubleshooting Guide

If your G3 device is not functioning properly, here are some possible causes and solutions:



Unable to find the WiFi network

Your device may be too far away from the hotspot. Please stay within 32 feet/10 meters of the hotspot.

Device will not connect to internet

1. Restart the device by turning off the device and powering it back on.

2. Try to connect within 5 -10 minutes.

Code 18

1. Your device is not activated. Please check your activation date.

2. If your device should be activated but it is not working, please contact customer service to troubleshoot.

Internet connection is slow or weak

Our service is connected to local cellular networks. You may be in a weak signal area. Try restarting the device.

Other issues

Please contact customer service.

How to avoid using my own data?

To avoid roaming charges please follow these steps: 

Turn on settings -> Select Network/Cellular -> Turn Data Roaming/Cellular Data off 

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