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Explore North America with Columbus

2019 / 10 / 10 1225

Happy Columbus Day!


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“The heart of North America beats through towering forests, undulating fields, high-plain deserts, pulsating metropolises and offbeat oases.”

From the day Christopher Columbus arrived in the Americas on Oct 12, 1492 till now, tremendous changes have taken place in North America including culture, lifestyles, foods etc. While what keeps constant and shinning in the world is the sheer nature beauty of North America. North America is certain paradise to take your breath away.

Dominican Republic

Dominican means Sunday in Spanish since Dominican Republic (DR) was the first destination Columbus landing on Americas and he arrived there on Sunday.

Surrounded by hundreds of kilometers of coastline, Dominican Republic is definite a perfect destination for vocation with white-sand beaches shaded by rows of palm trees.


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Moreover, the Dominican Republic is one of the Caribbean's most geographically diverse countries with stunning mountain scenery, desert scrublands, serene mangrove lagoons and evocative colonial architecture.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a mysterious place for adventure.


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Costa Rica offers a dizzying suite of outdoor adventures in every shape and size – from the squeal-inducing rush of a canopy zipline, repelling, white water rafting, etc. to a sun-dazed afternoon at the beach.


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National parks allow visitors to glimpse life in both rainforest and cloud forest, simmering volcanoes offer otherworldly vistas, and reliable surf breaks are suited to beginners and experts alike. Costa Rica has no limitation. The only limitation is your return date.


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From red-rock deserts to lush tropical rainforests, North America has the rare claim of covering every climatic zone, and its deepest gorge in Mexico’s Copper Canyon and Mt McKinley in Alaska exceed geographical extremes. Take Roaming Man with you and explore a different world in North America!

Happy Columbus Day!

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