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ROAMING MAN Brand Placement

2018 / 03 / 05 3546

Detective Chinatown 2  is a blockbuster with its unique comedy style. It is one of the most popular Chinese new year movies starring the Chinese hottest young actor Wang Baoqiang and Liu Haoran. Filmed in New York Chinatown, the cast is setting off the onlookers craze. Site photos are brushing global social network and sparking media coverage, accumulating a super fan base.


At the beginning of the film, there is a scene of Liu Haoran waiting to go through customs. He uses ROAMING MAN portable travel WiFi hotspot device to access internet while playing on his phone. ROAMING MAN is the exclusive designated WiFi hotspot service provider by this film. As a leading band in travel WiFi Rental business, it is the first time for ROAMING MAN to cooperate with cinema, and this cross-border marketing demonstrates the rapid growth of brand strength and enhances brand influence. It also gets more people to know about ROAMING MAN and how to get portable WiFi while traveling.


In recent years, ROAMING MAN performed very well in the market. According to statistics, the number of ROAMING MAN service users has exceeded 170 million accumulatively, and daily users has exceeded 500,000. ROAMING MAN stands out by high quality service, brand reputation and sales soar.


Providing the most timely, most efficient and most intimate WiFi for international travelers is the original intention of ROAMING Man. ROAMING MAN is always committed to make your travel simpler!


Even the most popular celebrities favor ROAMING MAN, don't you wanna have a try? It is good to start from

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