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The Best Global WiFi HotSpot

2018 / 01 / 29 5946

In this information age, internet access has become a necessity at all times, regardless of where we are in the world. Staying online brings you so much convenience during the trip, especially international trips. Checking your emails, searching for good restaurant, keeping in touch with your family and friends, sharing photos and experience on your social media, etc.


You have many solutions to access internet when abroad, more and more people claimed the best solution is Global WiFi Hotspot.


What is Global WiFi Hotspot? Global WiFi Hotspot is a device or service that can keep people seamlessly connected to internet worldwide.


When you search for Global WiFi Hotspot device, a variety of products will dazzle you. Which one is right for you? Here are some tips:

Is it really roaming free? Some WiFi hotspots are only for national travelers, not international travelers. If it is your domestic mobile network provider who offers you the global WiFi Hotspot service, it is not roaming free, which still has roaming charges. Even If the provider promote the service for free, they can’t offer you high speed data since roaming charges is not a small amount.


Does it have good connectivity? Some worldwide WiFi hotspot can only woks on unlocked phones, you have to face the embarrassment of unlocking or changing phones. If the service coverage only include a few countries or regions, you probably can't enjoy the seamless connection when you have a multinational trip.


Does it have a fast speed? Some WiFi hotspot can only have up to 3G speed, which never meet your daily demand at all.


Does it cost effectively? You choose to carry a global WiFi hotspot device instead of activating roaming plan on the mobile phone is to avoid bill shock. If there is no obvious advantage for the cost, why you bother to take a separate device?


Is the brand trustworthy? Check whether the company address is published on the official website, whether customer service is available whenever there is an issue, whether users have good comments on this product, whether tourism expert recommend this product…


After confirming with all above queries, you are now confident to judge a Global WiFi hotspot device and choose the best deal. With no roaming charges, no overage, best connectivity, fast speed, economic price, good customer service, positive review, ROAMING MAN differentiate itself as the best Global WiFi hotspot for international travelers.


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