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Oceania Premium WiFi Hotspot

Unlimited Internet with 1GB/day at 4G speed! Covers Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.
$9.99 /Day
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Unlimited Internet with 1GB/day at 4G speed.

You will have daily 1GB 4G high speed and unlimited data at 3G speed. 

3G speed will be good for basic web browsing, email and social media etc.

4G high speed will recover the next day.

Oceania Premium 4G WiFi Hotspot Coverage

Oceania Premium Package covers Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.

How to rent a roaming man WiFi?

Place an order before your trip! We will deliver it to your shipping address(US and Canada only).

Enjoy surfing the Internet while you are abroad.

Always free returns while you travel back.

 Package Feature:

-Daily 1GB of 4G high speed, then throttle down to 3G(384 kbps) speed with unlimited data

-Flat rate $9.99/day

-1 Wifi hotspot connects up to 5 smart devices(phones, tablets, laptops, etc.)

-Wifi activation time follows Eastern standard time

-Battery life up to 15 hours

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