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(Clearance!) U2 Hotspot with 1 Month Data

On Sale $99.90 after $50 off. U2 Mobile WiFi, One month North America unlimited data($99), free gift- power bank. All sales final, no returns, no exchange.
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Biggest SALE ever! Markdown just taken!

Bundle Price: $99.90 (Original Price: $149.90)

Bundle includes:

U2 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot in color Gold.

One month North America unlimited data.

Free gift- power bank.

ROAMING MAN U2 Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot

The ROAMING MAN U2 portable Wi-Fi Hotspot is your Wi-Fi travel essential. It allows you to access the internet on a stable high-speed 4G network. You can travel with the U2 portable Wi-Fi hotspot without paying extra data roaming costs in 140+ countries and regions around the world and the Wi-Fi hotspot can be shared up to 5 devices.

North America Premium unlimited Package 30 days

The ROAMING MAN U2 portable Wi-Fi Hotspot bundle comes with 1 month North America Premium package data, which works in the US, Canada and Mexico with daily 1GB high speed data and unlimited 3G speed (384kbps) data. High speed recovers the following day.

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