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(Clearance!) G3 Hotspot with 1 Month Data

On Sale $129.90 after $50 off. G3 Mobile WiFi, One month North America unlimited data($99), free gift- travel case.All sales final,no returns, no exchange.
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Biggest SALE ever! Markdown just taken!

Bundle Price: $129.90 (Original Price: $179.90)

Bundle includes:

G3 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot in color Gold.

One month North America unlimited data.

Free gift- travel case.

Color: White X Gold

4”LCD touch screen

Strong frequency coverage

8.5 ounces weight


1.How long does it take to fully charge the G3?

    Approximately 3.5 hours.

2. How long can it work continuously

    Approximately 15 hours on a full charge.

3. How many devices can be connected at the same time?

    5 devices.

4. How long does it take to connect to the internet?

The start up process may take several minutes.

5. Why does the signal icon show 3G while in a 4G supported area?

    Your WiFi hotspot depends on the local network. If the 4G signal is weak,

    it may switch to 3G. Try changing your location to find a better signal.

6. What should I do if the G3 device stops working?

    Press the power button for 18 seconds to reset.


·       WORLDWIDE SIM FREE CONNECTION - Powered by innovative technology, ROAMING MAN G3 allows travelers to access the Internet at any point of their travels without any local SIM card or roaming charge in 140+ countries

·       4G LTE HIGH SPEED NETWORK - 50Mbps max upload speed and 150Mbps max download speed allow you to enjoy our connections everywhere. It can connect up to 5 devices, you can share the internet with your friends or families

·       PRIVATE SECURITY WIFI - ROAMING MAN use the most security protocol to keep your WIFI connection safe. 

·       MULTIFUNCTIONAL Built-in 5350mAh battery, make sure up to 15 hours non-stop using. Plus you can take it as a power bank, that means fully recharge a standard cellphone over 3 times

North America Premium unlimited Package 30 days

The ROAMING MAN U2 portable Wi-Fi Hotspot bundle comes with 1 month North America Premium package data, which works in the US, Canada and Mexico with daily 1GB high speed data and unlimited 3G speed (384kbps) data. It recovers the following day.

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